Dart offers a full turn key solution to order fulfillment

Dart is a third-party logistics partner providing optimal levels of visibility and inventory control to even the most complex of logistics operations. Dart operates 3PL warehouses throughout the country and offers fulfillment on the West Coast and the Midwest. If you need direct to consumer fulfillment, there is a real opportunity to offer your customers substantial transportation savings from these points and reduce delivery time to your customers. We have specialized in fulfillment to customers using UPS, USPS, FedEx as well as home delivery services for our LTL shipments. We also specialize in Retail store replenishment programs. Dart features complete return processing to fit your every need.


• Full EDI Capability
• Scalable Solution
• World Class Warehouse Management System
• High SKU slow move to high velocity items
• Built-in order quality check
• Parcel shipping compliance package assurance acceptance over
   multiple carriers and service levels.


• Seasonal Programs
• Pallet Build/ Consolidated Replenishment
• Kitting/Labeling
• Displays and Modules
• Postponement
• Other VAS


Dart Entities
1430 South Eastman Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90023

Joseph M. Medlin, Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning
(323) 981-8238

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Dart - Midwest

1835 Ferry Road
Naperville, IL 60563

Rich Vitek, General Manager
(630) 416-5300

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Dart - Los Angeles
1430 South Eastman Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90023
(323) 269-9369

Joseph M. Medlin, Vice President, Business Development
& Strategic Planning

(323) 981-8238

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Direct to Customer
• 2.5 Million orders annually
• 7.5 million lines
• Over 11 million units

B2B Activity
• 1,560 Pallets picked daily
• Over 300 Million cases daily
• Over 1 MM pallets handled annually
• 100+ Trailers shipped per day

Daily Capacity
• 72,000 Cartons through sorter into
   10 loading docks
• Virtually unlimited shipping capacity
   through balance of dock doors

• Over 100,000 Bin Locations
• Over 30,000 Primary Pick Locations
• Over 9,000 Pallet Rack Locations
• Over 60,000 Bulk Storage Locations
• Over 50,000 Active Items
• Over 300,000 Items in Inventory Master


Download: Dart Warehouse Corp. -Fulfillment Excellence PDF



• Zoned Pick Modules with Power Takeaway
• QC and Pack Area with Choice of Fill
• Inline Scan and Scale
• Outbound Divert through 10 Lanes
• Near Time Tracking


• Two Separate and Secured Limited Access Storage Areas
• Experience with 40,000+ Pieces Annually
• 99.99% Inventory Accuracy
• Returns Processing
• Quality Inspections
• Gift Box and Wrap
• Personalized Messages