Dart's distribution and fulfillment center is state of the art

Dart - Midwest
Our Midwest operation's distribution and fulfilment center is state-of-the-art and hosts 116 loading docks, 150 truck parking spaces and 721,500 square feet of space.  Our facilities are located within the Chicago Metropolitan area.  We are accessible to the major expressway systems assuring convenience, not only for outbound shipments, but also for customers making pickups with their own equipment.

Dart - Los Angeles

We are a well-established provider of warehousing/transportation services with over 70 years of experience. Our clients have ranged from large national merchants to a variety of small enterprises launching a business. We currently receive a variety of product from Hong Kong ranging from furniture, toys, house wares and textiles to electronics and prepackaged food items. We have operations in
Los Angeles, CA – 600,000Sq.Ft. with 138 dock doors & the Midwest, Naperville, IL – 721,000Sq.Ft. with 116 dock doors. Dart - Los Angeles has had significant experience with high volume activity as well as start-ups. We have a variety of communication methods including full EDI, TCP/IP as well as FTP Protocol and E-mail for smaller companies.

A major component of our warehousing operation centers on our substantial involvement and commitment to serving the grocery industry.  Our grocery operations are concentrated in the City of Commerce.  Our food grade facilities continue to consistently receive superior sanitation ratings from AIB and our customers on-site inspections by their quality assurance groups.  In a year's time, our grocery operations handle over 25 million cases and 600 million pounds.  Over 22,000 shipments are generated, three-fourths of which are customer pickups.  Our freight consolidation program ships over 140 million pounds (5,400 shipments) and, in the process, saves our customers between 30% and 40% in transportation costs.

In our warehouse operations, over the years, we have handled a variety of hard-line and soft-line goods for retailers, wholesalers, mass merchants, foodservice, wholesale and institutional sectors.  This has resulted in a well-rounded profile of experience and expertise to meet the ever-changing and expanding requirements of today's users of public warehousing and third party logistics agreements.  We also cater to small local and regional firms that are just as important to us and receive the same excellent service provided to the larger national firms.





Dart Entities
1430 South Eastman Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90023

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Margo Waldie
Director of Business Development


Dart - Midwest
1835 Ferry Road
Naperville, IL 60563

Dart - Los Angeles
1430 South Eastman Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90023

Dart - DFW
1025 Post & Paddock, Suite 180
Grand Prairie, TX 75050


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Within the scope of our warehousing and distribution services, we perform contract and third party logistics services for many of our accounts.  The facilities management group operates approximately 4,000,000 square feet of third party operations for large national firms.


Dart offers a full turn key solution to order fulfilment.

• Full EDI Capability
• Warehouse Management System
• Bar coding/radio frequency technology
• Electronic manifesting
• High Volume


In addition to traditional distribution and turn key solution to catalog fulfillment, Dart currently operates in the
E-Commerce arena.  Dart provides distribution solutions to e-tailers with the need for real-time inventory information, fast turn around time, and expedited shipping.  The E-Commerce niche is a natural for Dart's 721,000 square foot fulfillment operations facility in Naperville, Illinois that possesses the flexibility to cater to the high volumes of multiple clients through our in-house automated systems.

• Full EDI Capability
• Full order and credit processing
• Full Internet based inventory and order visibility
• Multiple call centers
• Creation of UPS barcodes