Dart Warehouse Corporation- Third Party Logistics

Dart’s third-party logistics currently manages and operates 5.8 million square feet nationwide. Since 1938, the Dart organization developed its ability to organize and effectively service large national customer requirements and dedicate its organization to achieving the goals of that customer’s operation. Dart prides itself on integrating and modifying procedural and managerial approaches to coincide with the culture of the organization Dart serves, thereby providing a service that is invisible to the customer’s customer, while maintaining a very high level of communication.

With Dart’s other third-party relationships, the Dart operating managers and regional manager will participate in many of our customers’ organizational seminars, training programs, and employee indoctrination programs used to improve our employees’ knowledge and performance. Dart finds that this type of integration is very helpful in developing its management personnel’s understanding of the organizational culture, and the management philosophies of the customers it serves. This makes Dart a more informed third-party provider, and the result is a close-knit, effective partnership.

Dart’s focus, as a third-party operator, is to jointly develop solutions through data analysis and provide a cost-savings solution. Both the customer’s management personnel and Dart’s management personnel learn from these relationships and become proficient at their respective tasks and responsibilities.