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Terry M. Dedeaux
Principal Chairman/CEO

Terry Dedeaux began his career at Dart unloading railcars at the age of 15. Over the years, he worked in every field of…

Robert A Santich

Robert A Santich is the President of Dart Warehouse Corporation. He is also Chairman of the Executive…

Ashok Aggarwal
CFO Dart Entities
Ashok Aggarwal began his career at Dart in 1991. He has held various management positions in…
Joseph M. Medlin
Executive Vice President
In his tenure at Dart, Joseph had many roles from Employee Relations and Safety to Business Development and…
Don Brown
Vice President
Don Brown has worked in Transportation and Logistics for over 35 years. Having spent several years in LTL and…
Larry Nelson
Vice President
In his tenure at Dart, Larry has led the organization in many roles from Operations Manager, General Manager…